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The future of racing is now

CryptoCarz is the world's first Blockchain-enabled VR racing experience.

Blockchain Powered

CryptoCarz utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to allow you to buy and trade your very own personalized racing vehicles which are stored in your own private Ethereum wallet. Each model will have a limited number of cars, enforced by the smart contract code, after that no more of each type will ever be produced… To participate in races, you will have to own or rent a car. Expect E-Sport Arena tournament events and much more, in which you will participate loading up your cars from your blockchain garage.

We are not only a blockchain token and more than simply a ‘crypto-collectible’. We are CryptoCarz, and we are ready to change gaming forever!

Who we are

CryptoCarz is proudly presented to you by Blockchain Studios, we are a collective of crypto enthusiasts, gamers, professional developers and car lovers who want nothing more than to challenge ourselves against the best the world has to offer.

Where can I buy a CryptoCar?

Cars will be available sooner than you think on the CryptoCarz website, stay tuned and follow us on social media!